Living Furniture Exhibition


Living Furniture

Mary E. Black Gallery
Centre for Craft Nova Scotia
January 26–March 18, 2018

Having been working full-time in advertising for some time, I've started to miss the exposure to art and craft I had while in school. At NSCAD, working across disciplines was heavily encouraged and I found myself constantly inspired by new mediums to use and skills I wanted to learn. 

This recently led me to set out with my camera and a roll of film to wander around a few galleries in Halifax. The highlight was by far the Living Furniture exhibit showing at the Mary E. Black Gallery. 

This exhibition, curated by Stephen Zwerling, is a showcase for Nova Scotian furniture designers, almost all of whom were new discoveries to me. This completely surprised me, as I previously felt fairly knowledgable about this community, and I am so happy to have found new local artists to love within it. 

Simple household furniture was given a playful edge by using materials in surprising new ways. 

The craftsmanship in this show was outstanding, elevating the simplest designs to a new level. It was also obvious that many of the artists had given texture and tactility a lot of thought during the design process, allowing this to inform their decisions.

Getting out of your space and into the real world for inspiration can be invaluable—go for a walk and see where it takes you! 

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Jeff Amos, Carole Burnett, Shelly and Keith Haill, Alexa Jaffurs, Christopher Joyce, Lloyd Klassen, Peter MacLean, Randy Mugford, Veronica Post and Gary Staple.

Karen Lewis