Film Photography


For me, film photography has been a discovery of the perfect combination of a personal interest hobby and a professional skill. I equally enjoy picking up my cameras on the weekends as I do incorporating them in an experimental way into my daily work. 

Right now I am using two film cameras—a Canon AE-1 Program and a Diana F+. The Canon is what I would consider to be a standard film camera, and this model is known to be fairly fool proof (yay!). It's 'program' feature is a built in light meter setting that was high-tech enough for many to consider this the first 'digital' camera when it launched in the 80s. The DianaF+ is a lomography camera, which means it is a medium format, plastic (essentially 'toy') camera. Because of this, it is known to shoot high-contrast, unpredictable, brightly coloured images. 

Ironically, with digital photography I would consider the technique to be far less suited to the perfectionist inside of me. Specifically when documenting design work—I shot far more images than was necessary, obsessing over minute details and spent too much time editing in post. 

Using film has alleviated a lot of these anxieties for me, slowing the process and forcing me to give into its uncertain outcomes. Learning to lean into the quirks of your camera is what can make a great image! 

Regardless of the type of photography you most enjoy, I would encourage anyone to use it as a tool to capture inspiration in your everyday experiences. 


IMG_3642 Film strip.jpg


Canon AE-1 Program: circa 1985, purchased via Kijiji
Diana F+ Lomography: available via

Karen Lewis